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Death Quota for Purification by The Myriad Burial

DESCRIPTION: Using blistering guitar arrangements flowing seamlessly over heavy grooves that keep your head banging the entire time, The Myriad Burial delivers a blend of death metal that appeals to listeners of heavy music in a way they have never heard before. Their song "Death Quota For Purification" presents some of the most difficult parts seen to date in Rock Band, and is sure to provide an extreme challenge for all players. For more information about The Myriad Burial, visit







Pro Keys



Grr ruh

I've become death

In search of pure veracity
Programmed by corporate lies
Bred to consume
I will hunt you down devour and take your soul
Propaganda fed and perceived
I will hunt you down devour and take your soul
In search of truth


I fill my chalice with the blood
Of the corruptors
Seek only the ones who
Indoctrinate mankind

A world run by commercialism religion and currency
To build society upon corruption and deceit
These are institutions we are all obsolete

There is no other way to
End the corporatocracy ree ree
We all must rise up and suffer the harsh reality of it all
The masses must awaken from
Their dreams of actuality
Become aware their existence is controlled
This is a cult
In the worst way
We in the numbers can be
Forces we can see
Refusing to give in to the system
We'll bring it down
Bring it down

Pray for mercy
You can see
They herd sheep
You're so weak
Wake from your dream
Of actuality
Grr buh ree

Ugh grr

Without the media
You would know nothing
So take a second
To think about who controls it
How does it feel?


I wander so far from the path of righteousness

Redefine the meaning for us all

This death quota
This death quota
Can set us free
Economic slavery
Set us free ree
Economic slavery can only set us free