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Rhythm Authors LLC
On July 17th, Harmonix Music Systems announced plans to open up the Rock Band Platform for all musicians to sell their music as game playable tracks through the "Rock Band Network." Using Microsoft's XNA program as a framework, musicians will be able to author charts for their own songs and potentially upload them to the Rock Band Network store. Unfortunately, authoring music into enjoyable Rock Band charts is no easy task and the significant time commitment could turn off many bands to the project. Harmonix recognized this potential stumbling block early on and knew that they needed to get someone from outside the company to get the ball rolling.

On January 26th of 2009, Harmonix contacted Joseph Cirri from with news of some extremely classified news. Harmonix wanted to show Joseph, and a few of his trusted staff (who happened to have Guitar Hero customization experience), something they were working on that would change the face of rhythm gaming forever.

Speculation abound; Joseph Cirri, Sean Feica, Andrew Dovichi, Greg Litvin, Andrew Funk, Dave Barley, and Nick Bruno traveled to Boston on March 2nd, 2009 for the first meeting concerning what would eventually be known as the Rock Band Network. Harmonix explained what the Rock Band Network was going to be and how they wanted our help with getting the community off the ground.

After months of discussion, Rhythm Authors was officially born as a business on May 11th, 2009 out of a speculated need for experienced Rock Band chart authors. Rhythm Authors was publicly announced alongside the Rock Band Network on July 17th, 2009.