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The Modern Prometheus by Richard Campbell

DESCRIPTION: Richard Campbell presents "The Modern Prometheus"







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It's clear to me that no one could have passed a happier childhood than myself
My kind and benevolent parents granted me a great treasure
My eternal love Elizabeth a true and devoted companion
My life was always trouble- free 'til I hungered for adventure
The first misfortune of my life an omen of misery struck when I was seventeen
With the death of my mother
As she lay dying she placed Elizabeth's hand in mine
And said I'll rest in peace when the two of you are joined with one another
Life and the secrets of death were the mysteries
I was determined to understand
So in time the power of the divine would at last be mine
And the world would unite to praise the work of Frankenstein
I was a gifted child and I left Geneva to study overseas
With the loss of my mother fresh in my mind a vision soon possessed me
It was the secrets of heaven and earth that I desired to learn
But to liberate the spark of life from obscurity we must examine death
I observed decay and degradation in the human frame
Witnessed how the worm inherits the wonders of the eyes and brain
As I beheld the corruption of the bodies of men
From the midst of the darkness a sudden light broke in upon me and the answer was mine
I can see in your eyes you expect me to
Share the epiphany but that cannot be
The secret dies with me
I will not let you walk in the footsteps that only lead to tragedy
With such a power in my hands
No one could make me question or change my plan
I had no doubt in my ability
To construct a being glorious as man
The creation of a creature like myself
Breathing life into a species of my own design
Was the dream that drove me forward
And the vision that blurred the line between right and wrong
In ignorance of consequence my journey had begun
The moon gazed on my midnight labours
While with impatience and tenacity
I pursued nature to her hiding places
What man could imagine the horrors of my secret toil
As I dabbled among the unhallowed damps of the grave
The slaughterhouse the churchyard and the mortuary
Provided me with all the elements that my task required
Inside a solitary chamber
I kept my workshop of filthy creation
Winter spring and summer passed away
While my emaciated body worked through night and day
Blind to the passage of time I shunned my fellow man
And pushed Elizabeth to the back of my mind
Despite the wreck I'd become a fever forced me on
Though my stomach would turn at the things I would learn I couldn't rest 'til I was done
Life and the secrets of death were no mystery
I transcended the natural limitations of mankind
Stole fire from the divine but I would pay for my crime
And the world would unite to curse the work of Frankenstein


Life death

I eyes

Blind time

Life death