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People Like You by Forever From Now

DESCRIPTION: Orlando based alternative group Forever From Now presents "People Like You" from their self titled EP. For more information about Forever From Now, visit







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Do you consider me a friend still
Do you think I still care about you
Because I know I'm done with you
I have done all you've asked me to
And all you do is lie

Thank you for the opportunities you've given me
To learn what to look for in an enemy
And now you say I'm done with you
I've done all that you asked me to
And all you did was use me
Life's too short to deal with people like you

I'm sorry yes I'm angry
And you don't need to pretend to care
I could drink until I can't see straight to make you disappear
But I'm at the bottom of this bottle and your ignorant ass
Is still there uh

I wish I never believed in you
And I wish I'd never done anything
To help you

Well you I'm done I swear go to hell for all I care
And now you're all on your own
Life's too short to waste on people like you

And now I declare this over
Please go get hit by a truck