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Another Step by Andromeda

DESCRIPTION: "Another Step" is the first of the following three tracks to come to Rock Band from Andromeda's latest album The Immunity Zone. With drums constantly driving the song forward the energy is high with soaring vocals supported by complex riffs and symphonic keys. "Another Step" hits its peak when furious solos are exchanged between guitar and keys really showcasing their technical mastery.







Pro Keys



Thought these streets always looked so empty
Paved with wet stones and oil
Flash of eyes turn back to the gutter
Brief encounters all end with a slam
Then a presence stirs the air around me
I turn around and there's you
Seeking confrontation and contact
Filling the void with human touch
You feel the rush
Just like a crush
Take another step towards the light
You say you can be trusted
But something doesn't feel just right
Take another step no I won't bite
I'm all alone out walking there is
No one else in sight
Take another step
Take another step
Take another step are you all right
Question answered without a word
What's wrong with you ain't physical
In a second arm twisted behind me
And my face pressed against the wall
Whispers ask for my belongings
Cell phone wallet and the ring
There is nothing that I can't give you
There is nothing I cannot give
If you let me live
If you let me live
Take another look into my eye
You're stealing everything
But cannot ever take my pride
Take another coin see if I care
Raping every pocket but my integrity's not there
Take another thing
Take another ring
Take another swing I won't fight back
Take another step let's not deny
Strauss was on to something and then Nietzsche got it right
Take another step another crime
A small one for you maybe but a
Giant for mankind
It's another step
It's another step
It's another step back for humankind