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Cursing Akhenaten by After the Burial

DESCRIPTION: An 8 string brutal guitar assault is what you will get from Minnesota's own After the Burial. Having self released their debut full length "Forging A Future Self" in 2006 and supporting such heavy hitters as Hatebreed, The Acacia Strain, Terror, God Forbid, Evergreen Terrace among others you will hear why After the Burial will be your new favorite band in progressive, technical metal music.







Pro Keys



Awaken ruinous fiend of early generations
Your rotting corpse is restored
Straighten your limbs brush off the dust
Bandages restrain you no more
Severed heads accent the gates
Bones emerge from the sands
Proof of your reign remains I your liege
Now command your rule again

The sun burns through the skin
Boiling vital organs within
But the gods can't destroy my cursed blackened heart

Appeasing the thirst of the damned
Mocking the praised ones
The sand soaks the blood
Blood flows like wine
Send death from above
Locusts and famine engulfing your race
My savagery knows no end
At the price of all your lives
I destroy your kind
Death by my hand

Sands blowing 'cross cursed lands will consume
The evidence of your ancient existence
The earth is now black with torment I have set upon it
All shall bow serve and praise your name